Davenport IP Law, PLLC is where high technology meets high quality legal services. We develop strategies and advise innovators to protect technology that changes the world. Our firm philosophy emphasizes thoughtful planning at the outset of a project in order to increase the likelihood of a successful, efficient, and cost-effective resolution for our clients. Each project raises a unique set of issues and challenges that the team at Davenport IP Law, PLLC faces head on with unique solutions to obtain the best outcome for clients.

Innovation and technology can take different forms across different technical fields. Our firm's primary focus is in the areas of semiconductor processing, electronics, and communications. However, these technologies are permeating fields that have previously been thought to be distinct. The team at Davenport IP Law, PLLC is agile and technically savvy to be able to quickly understand new innovations, regardless of the technical field. Whether the innovation is in a sensor detecting fluids in a borehole in oil and gas explorations, controls for a power system, or sensors incorporated into a historically mechanical gaming device, Davenport IP Law, PLLC can assist in protecting these innovations.